Underground life stream expressed with subtlety. Its trail is there for everyone who wants to see it. Its course opens in a great delta of rivers which leaves an indelible mark when laying its feet on each being. Its presence is not always evident, sometimes it is disguised.  Even if it is not noticed, the stream performs its task by contributing its baggage.

Inevitable presence deep inside of us.

Following its trails awakens the look upon ourselves, sometimes we love its presence, sometimes we reject it, some other times we want to hide it but it is impossible to avoid its influence.  Its trip has no beginning; it comes from the past to feed the present and continues its journey into the future, carrying our contribution without asking us for permission.

I stop, sharpen my senses to perceive it and discover its trails tangled in me; I see and listen with surprise that they give me identity telling me what I received from others, others that were in this world before me.

Its feet walk and leave their heritage from generation to generation.

These images are a thread of traits, shapes, looks, beings that intertwine this human network and immersed in the vital stream makes us, in part, only in part, what we are.

In this work I used the cyanotype technique as a resource to express this vital stream.  New images with real people, from my family, and items received from other generations are intertwined with old images of people who are no longer here, and thus they live together in a same time, symbolizing this life flow that is the vital stream in which all of us participate.

Ana Zorraquin