“Relato” is part of the project “Factum” which deals with time and memory. Each work in the series consists of a set of images, which are the representation of the story of a past event. Each photo is a fragment of the past stored in memory. The words of this narrative are images that are related through a discourse, unfolding in lines that form a story.

As Paul Ricoeur says in Time and Narration, “I see in the plots we invent the privileged means by which we reconfigure our confused, formless and, in limit, mute temporal experience”. The particularity of this plot is that it is made of collected and reinterpreted images. As Milan Kundera tells us: “Memory keeps images”.

For this series, I use the ancient technique of cyanotype with tea, which gives the works a particular tonality that adds to the strangeness of the gaze.